Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine1


Alex urges Kiwi to fly faster as they rush to Gardenia to stop the pirates. As they approach the town they see that the fairies are fighting back but the pirates have still grabbed a few human children to take back to The Nightmare Realm. Alex tells Kiwi to help get the children to safety while he takes care of the pirates. The pirates remember Alex and are not afraid but he warns them to back off before he has to fight them while Joey and the other children watch from a safe distance. Despite being out numbered and surrounded Alex is able to beat back the pirates while being protected by The Armor of Kings. Unfortuneatly the Pirate Captain notices Joey and grabs him, distracting Alex. This allows the rest of the pirates to overwhelm and tackle Alex to the ground2. Pastacio shows up and asks what is going on while Alex breaks free and chases after the airship.

On the deck of the pirate ship there is a stand off between Alex and the captain still holding Joey, until Kiwi flies in and rescues Joey. Alex and the captain begin their duel, and although Alex is less skilled The Sword of Kings allows him to gain an advantage. Just as he is defeated the captain surrenders3 leaving Alex uncertain of how to proceed. While he stands over the captain Kiwi returns to let Alex know that the children are safe and the pirates are being rounded up. Taking advantage of the distraction the captain jumps up to attack Alex again, but is stopped by an arrow hitting him in the back. We then see Nastajia holding her bow with Felicity and Paddington who have finally made it to Gardenia on foot. Alex jumps down from the ship to see them while Paddington tries to catch his breath from carrying them. Alex and Nastajia are happy to see each other safe again, and Joey rushes over4 to find Alex. Alex thanks Kiwi for waving Joey and introduces him to the rest of the crew. Then Joey introduces his friends Peter, Ivan, Stefano, Franky, Karen, and Jenn. He also explains that while they see each other most nights, they don't get to see each other for long because of the time differences between where they live. Before he can go into any more detail Joey wakes up leaving Alex more time to talk with Nastajia. They are both still awkward and Nastajia moves towards Gardenia before hesitating and turning to talk to Alex about how she feels as he wakes up again.

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