Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven1


Horatio warns the rest to hide when the Kraken enters the cave, and he explains that it is just a mindless beast that eats and terrorizes the mer-people. Nastajia suggests that they leave without confronting it but Kiwi finds a handkerchief that belonged to Titania Ashenheart. Outside Felicity knocks down some rocks drawing the attention of the Kraken who begins to chase her. Everyone goes to help her except for Nastajia who still believes she is a spy and deserves her fate. Despite being eager to help Alex is unable to create a good plan of attack, luckily Nastajia comes to his rescue and orders everyone into position2. Paddington grabs one of the Kraken's tentacles while Kiwi blinds it and Nastajia fires an arrow into it's hand. All of this causes the Kraken to drop Felicity and Alex catches her. The Kraken throws Paddington into a rock wall while Nastajia continues to shoot at it, and Kiwi moves the rocks off of Paddington to throw them at the Kraken. Alex prepares to charge into battle but is thrown away by a hit from the Kraken so the rest are forced to keep fighting it so that it is distracted. Alex returns and is able to plunge The Sword of Kings into the Kraken's heart, killing it. The Kraken falls to the sea floor and Alex exclaims victory for the group while his helmet disappears.

With the battle over Nastajia confronts Felicity about the fact that she was spying on them in the cave3. Felicity's defense is that she is a thief not a spy and that she was checking why the Tablet Amulet was glowing around the cave while everyone else was inside. Once again the others come to Felicity's defense but Nastajia refuses to listen to them or change her mind about Felicity. She agrees to let her continue traveling with them but refuses to take any responsibility for her actions. As she swims away she thanks Horatio for his help and warns that the cave should be sealed now that it is not being guarded. They return to land and end the mer-people spell, but before they are able to continue to Ashendel, Alex wakes up4.

Alex finds Dan sleeping next to his bed and wakes him up again. Dan was worried about Alex falling in his dream and fell asleep again while he was watching him. Alex explains that Dan's plan worked and Dan asks Alex to tell him everything as he gets ready to record it in a new Book of Dreamland.

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