Chapter Three

Chapter Three1


Refusing to listen to Nicole's worries, Alex gets up and walks back across campus to his dorm room looking for a place to sleep. He forces his way past Dan and jumps back onto his bed. They continue their earlier argument with Alex apologizing for going through Dan's stuff. Alex then proceeds to tell Dan about his dream and Nicole's reaction to his brain activity while sleeping. They discuss the possibility of Dreamland being real briefly before Alex goes back to sleep without the sword necklace on.

The next morning2 Dan has collected a number of books from the library and meets Alex to discuss some of his theories about what could be causing his visits to Dreamland. While they are talking, Nicole comes to join them and asks if Alex would be willing to be a part of the sleep study again that night. Nicole and Dan fight about their different approaches to figuring out Alex's dreams but Nicole wins because Alex needs the extra credit from the sleep study to stay in school. That night in the sleep lab Alex complains about being blackmailed by Nicole into being a part of the study, and Dan shows up to observe. Nicole threatens to call security on Dan but Alex is able to calm them down and get ready to go to sleep.

Back in Dreamland3, Alex finds a teddy bear waiting to let him know that Kiwi and Paddington have already left the town and are on their way to Ashendel. The teddy bear explains the way to him and Alex sets off on his own. While making his way to Ashendel, though the boulder garden, Alex is spotted by pirates in an airship who quickly move down to capture him. Alex is able to hold the pirates off for a short time but once they realize he is going to put up a fight they start to attack as a group, and Alex is forced to run from them. The pirates quickly surround Alex and in an attempt to get them to stay back he accidentally cuts down a boulder. Unwilling to wait for his men to take care of Alex, the Pirate Captain jumps off of his ship to come down and fight Alex himself. The captain is able to defeat Alex but before he can land a killing blow, an arrow knocks his hat from his head4 causing him to turn and look at Nastajia. She demands that the captain stops because attacking humans is a violation of the treaty. Instead he attacks her although she has little trouble defeating him, and she threatens war if they come around the elven kingdom again. The pirates retreat, and Nastajia moves to check on Alex who seems stunned by her appearance.

Worried about the fact that it will be dark soon, Nastajia urges the group to continue on to Ashendel where they will be safe.

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