Alexander Carter

Alexander "Alex" Carter


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Blond
Race: Human
Special abilities:


Alexander Carter is a 20-year-old teenager and the lead male character of the Dreamland Chronicles. He was born five minutes after his fraternal twin brother, Daniel Carter, with whom he attends University.


Alex first came to Dreamland back when he was 8, and had a lot of adventures until the age of 12. At that time he found the tomb of the old kings of Dreamland and after a drief encounter with the current king, was not able to get back to the realm until the age of 20. A necklace with a small sword attached to it allows the now 20 years old Alex, to travel back to Dreamland. Finding things different from when he was there he meets his childhood companion Kiwi the fairy, and they decide to find his old friends (particularly Princess Nastajia of Ashendel, who had thought him to be dead). The meeting was not as joyous as one would think and Alex decides to help Nastajia find her parents, at first, and help save the realm from the devices and machinations of the tyrannical dragon lord Nicodemus, the greatest threat and enemy that Dreamland ever had.

At the same time, Alex is the subject of a case study by his friend and med school student Nicole, and his twin brother Dan (who was the autor of a journal of Alex's dreams depicting Alex’s adventures in Dreamland when they were both 8). Although Dan and Nicole have completely different ideas as to what is happening to Alex, the are both interested enough in his ongoing adventures to collaborate with each other.



Alex appears on almost every page of the strip, as he is the main character.


  • Alex and Dan also have an 8-year-old cousin, Joey, who is also able to travel to Dreamland.
  • When his soul is in Dreamland, his brain activity flatlines, giving the appearance on the EEG machine that he is clinically brain dead.
  • Nicole's younger brother knows Alex from playing pee-wee hockey together at around the same time that he had visited Dreamland on a regular basis. This is claimed by Nicole as the only reason why she is interested in Alex's situation at all.


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