Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red/Brown
Hair colour: Light Purple
Race: Elf
Location: Elven Castle
Relations: Oberon, Titania, Nastajia
Special abilities:


The chief elder of the elves1, Arvamas has many responsibilities both to the royal family and the elven people. He takes it all in stride handling both difficult and easy tasks with quite determination. He is currently in Ashendel watching over the city while Oberon and Titania are missing and Nastajia is on her quest to find them.


Arvamas has performed many duties in service to the throne of Ashendel as the Chief Elder, and the closest confidant of Oberon and Titania. When Nastajia was younger he was one of her main instructors and helped her to learn all she would need to know to one day take over for her parents.2 After she had grown and her parents disappeared on their quest for The Seven Tablets of Pendragon Arvamas stepped in as an advisor to Nastajia to help her shoulder the burden of running the kingdom, and ensure that she made the best decisions possible.

After Nastajia rescues Alex and brings him to Ashendel, Arvamas helps to fill them in on the many details of the Tablets of Pendragon in order to prepare them to continue the quest and search for Nastajia's parents. He also presents Alex with The Armor of Kings before sending them on their way.

Later after they return from Naroobi Arvamas is waiting to discuss their next step to find the tablets. Unfortunately they don't stick around long enough to get much planning done, although he does have some time to explain more about the Tablet Amulet.


Arvamas always carefully considers his actions before taking them. However, this does not take long, he is quick to decide and act on that decision. He is quite and well spoken, used to being both a respected leader and a trusted advisor.


Chapter Four

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Chapter Eight

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Wears glasses.
Can read the ancient elven language.6


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