Gender: Male
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: White
Race: Mer-people
Location: Naroobi
Relations: Mer-King
Special abilities:


Horatio is a loyal and trusted servant of the Mer-King, and one of the handful of mer-people that can read the ancient mer-people text1.


On orders from the king he guides Nastajia and her companions to the Kraken's Cave so that they may search for the Tablet of the Mer-people. Once they find the tablet he translates for them and tries to interpret the meanings that are unclear in the translation. Before they are able to leave the Kraken returns and draws them into battle. Although Horatio doesn't help in the fight he stands by them until the battle is over. After the battle ends he is sent back to Naroobi to tell the Mer-king that the Kraken is dead and that the Kraken's Cave should be sealed to protect the tablet.


Although not the bravest soul around he is willing to risk his life in service of his king despite objecting to the idea. While he would prefer to stay in the city and work he is willing to venture out when the need arises.


Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven



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