Gender: Male
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Blonde
Race: Human
Location: Earth/Gardenia
Relations: Alex, Dan
Special abilities: Flight


Alex and Dan's cousin lives with his parents but comes to visit on holidays and enjoys spending time with his cousins. He visits Dreamland at night because he is still young enough to do so, and has a number of friends from around the world that he meets while he is there.


Joey comes to the Carter Household with his parents for Thanksgiving. He asks for and gets permission to sleep in Alex and Dan's bedroom for the two nights they are all there. He mentions Gardenia to Alex and then after they go to sleep he waits there to meet Alex in his sleep.

Unfortunately pirates attack Gardenia and after Alex shows up Joey is taken hostage by the pirate captain. Kiwi rescues him and Alex and Nastajia defeat the pirates. Alex introduces his friends to Joey, and Joey introduces Alex to Peter, Ivan, Stefano, Franky, Jenn, and Karen.

He wakes up shortly after the introductions, and gets up to jump on Alex's bed waking him too. They explain the night and how they saw each other in Dreamland to Dan. The next night they when they go to sleep and meet again in Gardenia. Nastajia presents him with a ring that has the symbol of the queen on it. Then she asks him to supervise the round up of the pirates while they go off to continue their quest.

The next morning he explains human powers in Dreamland to Dan and Alex before they have to rush off to catch their train.


Outgoing and energetic, Joey is usually confidant in his words and actions. He is brave enough to stand up to the pirates even if they do scare him.


Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Eleven

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Joey's parents are never seen and it is unclear if he is from Mr. or Mrs. Carter's side of the family.


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