Gender: Male
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: Brown
Race: Mer-people
Location: Naroobi
Relations: Nastajia Ashenheart, Horatio
Special abilities:


The Mer-King is the current ruler of the mer-people. As the elves and mer-people have long been allies, he was good friends with Oberon Ashenheart and Titania Ashenheart from their many diplomatic meetings. He remembers both them and Nastajia fondly and is willing to help in what ever way he can, even if that means upsetting Nicodemus.


He was one of the last people to see Nastajia's parents alive, after helping them in their quest for the Tablet of the Mer-people. Although he is reluctant to send her into the same danger, he also agrees to help Nastajia in her quest, he orders Horatio to guide them to the Kraken's Cave and aid them in their search.


Friendly and outgoing the Mer-king is popular amongst his people often holding open courts. However, he also has the wisdom to keep some things private with regards to the security of the knowledge only the king should have.


Chapter Six

  • Page 3821


Does not have a name given in the story.


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