Mrs Carter

Mrs. Carter


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Race: Human
Location: Carter Household
Relations: Alex, Dan
Special abilities:


Mrs. Carter lives at home and misses her sons who have just left for college.


After her boys go off to University Mrs. Carter continues to think of them, and sends a care package to help them adjust to life away from home. It includes Fluffy, some hockey cards, and a sword necklace. When they come home from Thanksgiving she greats them happily after, glad that she gets to see them again after they have been at school. She is disappointed that they can't stay long after Thanksgiving because they have to get back to school.


Loving and concerned, Mrs. Carter takes an interest in her sons lives especially now that they have moved out for school. However, she knows how to handle her sons and when love isn't the proper response she is prepared to meet them on their ground. Always looking out for their best interests she isn't afraid to get harsh when the situation requires it.1


Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eleven

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Wears glasses.


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