Oberon Ashenheart

Oberon Ashenheart


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: Purple
Race: Elf
Location: Unknown
Relations: Titania, Nastajia
Special abilities:


The king of the elves, Oberon ruled in Ashendel for around two hundred years1 beside his wife Titania.


Oberon did not react well2 the first time he met Alex however, he quickly realized his mistake and apologized. He took Alex in as a son and even took an interest in Dan and his inability3 to enter Dreamland.

Months after Alex left Dreamland Oberon and Titania went to investigate the Tomb of the Ancient Kings but were unable to find anything4. Then about two years before Alex's return to Dreamland, Oberon and Titania left Ashendel on a quest to find The Seven Tablets of Pendragon and uncover the true history of Dreamland5. They were motivated by the recently signed treaty between Nicodemus and the pirates of The Nightmare Realm. They took the Tablet Amulet with them and went to visit the Mer-King in Naroobi. He was one of the last people to see them before they set off for the Kraken's Cave and they have been missing ever since6.


A wise and thoughtful leader, Oberon looks out for the interests of his people and the many human visitors who are sheltered in Ashendel. He is clever and chooses his words carefully when the need arises but is able to speak frankly and opening with those he is close to. He has a stubbornness to him that was passed onto his daughter7.


Chapter Eight

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I named Oberon because I thought it was a cool name from my childhood. I used to play with Micronauts (back in the 70’s for you young’ns) and there was this cool character named Oberon. When I named them originally. It was Oberon and Juliana. But Karen convinced me that it would be cooler to have the names from Shakespeare (since I was already halfway there unwittingly) So before anyone asks me if I like Shakespeare…the answer is…no.10

Is able to read the Ancient Elven language11.


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