Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair colour: Black
Race: Pirate
Location: N/A
Relations: Nicodemus
Special abilities:


The leader of the pirates is feared throughout Dreamland both by it's inhabitants and the human visitors. He is a skilled and merciless fighter with a host of men that will follow his every order.


Thanks to a treaty1 between The Nightmare Realm and Nicodemus the pirates are able to sail the skies of Dreamland. The captain has taken advantage of this fact to abduct human children that he can find even though he isn't allowed to according to the treaty. Unfortunately one of the humans he attacks is Alex while he is making his way through the Boulder Garden. Although Alex isn't able to hold him off for long Nastajia shows up and defeats the Captain, sending him and his men away.


The pirate captain is a cruel and merciless man who has no concern for his victims. However, he is also an intelligent and capable leader who has brought success to his ship. Although he usually fights first he is able to fall back on talking his way out of a problem when he is unable to solve it with violence.


Chapter Three

  • Page 1314

Chapter Nine

  • Page 5205


Only has one eye, the other is covered by an eye patch.


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