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Hello, there does not seem to be an area to discuss the wiki on the wiki. I thought about using the forum but it doesn't seem very active and I thought this might be easier, with signatures to distinguish users. It would allow multiple issues to be addressed at once and upon resolution they could be moved to the guidelines section. ~~Kaden

Places organization

There are multiple levels to the size of the places pages I have made. I set them up with different sizes of texts to set them apart but was wondering if we wanted to make it more multi-tiered. So Places would have the 2 or 3 worlds, Dreamland would have the cities, Ashendel would have the different locations within it. It would take longer to get to page from the homepage but would result in a simpler places page as even as it grows with additions. ~~Kaden

I agree here and i like the way you already set it up, though we should add some space between each layer. (ill set that up when i have the time if nobody beats me to it).~~Omegon

I put it in bullets to make the levels more clear, and the parent page listing is tiered on the individual pages. ~~Kaden

Character Page

Instead of separating characters by importance, which can change throughout the story, I was thinking they could be sorted by race first then possibly alphabetical within the race. So if you were looking for a minor character you could jump to race first to reduce the number to search through. I see upwards of 30 named characters so far and that doesn't include any fan generated characters that end up on here. ~~Kaden

Name of college/university

As far as I can tell this hasn't yet been established in the comic. There are some pages in the wiki that refer to it as either a college or university and while those links can both go to the same place, I thought this would be a good first thing to nail down an answer on. Also as a test of how fan generated content would work in development and inclusion in the world. I don't know if Scott has an answer on this or if he wants it to be fan generated. If it is going to be fan generated I wondered if we should post a poll in the forum or on the comic comments to get some nominations and an eventual result pending Scott's approval. ~~Kaden

I think its best if we make a page about this "Ask scott". on this page would could posts all the questions we wanne ask scott, ill inform him then on this page and he can then answer the questions when he has time in the order he wants.~~Omegon

Scott said we could pick a name. Fan poll http://host1.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=8509 picked name. Changed redirects but not most of the links. They all get to it eventually. ~~Kaden

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