Little is known about the way that humans connect to Dreamland and how they are able to travel between the two. Dan and Nicole have a number of sometimes contradicting theories about how it is possible but no real proof yet that anything they have discovered is exactly like what is happening to Alex. The fact that most adults are unable to visit Dreamland makes is difficult to find reliable data regarding people who have visited it in the past.

Here is a partial list of theories and an explanation of some of them.

Lucid Dream: In a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware they are not awake and are generally able to manipulate the dream they are in.
Out-of-Body Experience: Typically triggered by trauma, an out of body experience is when the consciousness leaves the body and is able to view things that they body is unable to see.
Astral projection: A type of out of body experience that is combined with the belief in an astral body that is separate from the physical one.
Dream Yoga: An approach to dreams as an alternate illusion to the waking world.
Rare form of sleep apnea: Usually causing a lack of breathing, a rare form could cause lack of brain activity?
Severe delta waves:
Parasomnias: A number of sleep disorders that cause unusual movements or brain activity at various stages of the sleep cycle.

Egyptian's Dream Interpretation: Seen as a message from the gods that could be explained by priests.
Hindu's Dream Interpretation: As a possibly higher state of consciousness than the waking state.
Native American's Dream Interpretation: Belief that dreams and vision quests allowed a person to speak with nature and learn from it.
Greek Dream Interpretation: An almost telepathic ability that could enhance healing and allow a connection to visions of the future.

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