Characters appear in the order of appearance in The Dreamland Chronicles books.

Main Characters

Characters who regularly appear as a part of the story line and have a great effect on the story arc as a whole.

feaad1a6e9fb7a99c72bb03353f4f22b?s=64& Alexander Carter Alex is the main character of The Dreamland Chronicles. A college student who suddenly finds himself traveling to another world while he sleeps.
7585703f68893f4fbbe21da749896b95?s=64& Nastajia Ashenheart Nastajia is the acting Queen of the Elves while her parents are away as well as a close friend of Alex since childhood.
974fcd4ce8358b8378f6f1362ae3762a?s=64& Kiwi Kiwi is a fairy and a friend of Alex since childhood.
826a50513bc8b65947444512ead84bcd?s=64& Paddington Rumblebottom the Third Paddington is a rock giant and a friend of Alex since childhood.
c3260655924c3eb29712535301b9eab5?s=64& Nicodemus The self proclaimed King of Dreamland, Nicodemus is a fierce and powerful dragon.
nicole.png Nicole A medical student at the University Alex and Daniel attend, Nicole finds herself observing Alex while he travels to Dreamland.
daniel.png Daniel Carter Alex's devoted brother, Daniel has no problems believing Alex's trips to Dreamland are real.
Felicity272a.jpg?s=64 Felicity The Catgirl thief, that has followed Alex in his trip in Dreamland ever since he was thrown in Jail.

Support Characters

Characters who have a strong effect on story arc but to a lesser extent than main characters. Also these characters tend to appear much less often, or consistently but only for a short while.

mrs%20carter%20avatar.jpg Mrs. Carter Alex and Daniel's mother.
GrandpaPistacio.jpg Pistacio Elder of the fairy village.
captain%200135.jpg Pirate Captain The leader of the pirates that attack the humans in Dreamland.
arvamas%200174-1.jpg Arvamas Regent and advisor of the elves.
mer-king%20avatar.jpg Mer-King The ruler of the Mer-people.
horatio%20avatar.jpg Horatio One of the Mer-King's advisors.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Orion Shaman leader of the centaurs.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Bognok King of the dwarves.

Background Characters

Characters that generally have a limited effect on the story arc. Also included are some groups of characters that are almost always seen together.

895bbb6e3e9fdfb9c3249b005d7bd00d?s=64& The Cyclops A destructive, giant, one-eyed monster from the Nightmare Realm.
teddyvillagers.png Teddy Bear Villagers Villagers of the town where we first meet Alex and his friends. The population is all teddy bears.
oberon%20avatar.jpg Oberon Ashenheart King of the elves.
titania%20avatar.jpg Titania Ashenheart Queen of the elves.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Nicole's Brother Nicole's Brother.
erika%200162.jpg Erika A human child met in Dreamland.
spotty0162.jpg Spotty Ferdinand Montoya Jimenez De Guadalupe.
joey%20avatar.jpg Joey Alex and Daniel's cousin.
peter%20avatar.jpg Peter One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
ivan%20avatar.jpg Ivan One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
stefano%20avatar.jpg Stefano One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
franky%20avatar.jpg Franky One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
karen%20avatar.jpg Karen One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
jenn%20avatar.jpg Jenn One of Joey's friends in Dreamland.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Uraden One of Bognok's guards.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Centaur Healer The centaur healer in Aethos.
4343848998_687c19b50d_s.jpg Thistle Fairy messenger.
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