The Dreamland Chronicles was first introduced to the public as a webcomic. It is currently hosted on a site1 of it's own. There is an archive system2 for the comics that has them divided into chapters for easy searching. Each comic has a comments section attached to it and there is also an external forum3 available for longer discussions. The site contains extras like Fan Art4, Desktop Wallpapers5, Frequently Asked Questions6, and Contact Information7. There are links to both the Convention Schedule that Scott attends and some other comics that are made by friends of Scott.

The comic has been published in a number of ways for purchase. Downloadable PDF versions are available at WOWIO8, or print versions can be found from a variety of sources. There is an external store9 linked to the comic site and anything that can't be found there might be available at Amazon.com10 In addition Borders or Barnes & Noble have carried the books in their stores in the past although supplies are usually limited.

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