Bahta Alikchi


The Bahta Alikchi was created about 600 years ago, under the direction of King Arthur, using magic from both worlds through a combined effort of Native Americans, Merlin, and centaurs. The magic that was used has been unfortunately lost since that time.1

Merlin traveled widely amongst the Native American tribes and with the help of their shamans and the centaurs of Aethos he was able to create the Bahta Alikchi. Which he then used to communicate the people of Dreamland, although Nicodemus may have been the only one to read it.2

Orion gives the Bahta Alikchi to Alex so that he can use it to pass messages between Orion and Dan. Then while Felicity is dying Alex uses it to bring a letter from Nicole in an attempt to help her fight to live.3 Felicity makes some recovery and is able to respond to Nicole the next day. Over the next few weeks Orion continues to correspond with Daniel and Felicity continues to correspond with Nicole.4


The Bahta Alikchi is a small pouch that has room for a sheet of paper and little else. It hangs from a small cord covered in beads and has more beads hanging from the base of the pouch.

Supposedly Bahta Alikchi means Medicine Bag in the Choctaw5 language.6

Magic and Powers

When held by a human the bag will travel between worlds, carrying the paper inside it allowing messages to be relayed.


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