The Dreamland Chronicles of Alexander Carter

The Dreamland Chronicles of Alexander Carter are a series of journals handwritten by Dan when both he and Alex were 8 years old. While Alex was having his adventures in Dreamland, Dan was unable to dream so he learned about Dreamland through the stories of his brother. In the journals, Dan has recorded four years worth of Alex's recollections of his adventures in the parallel world. The chronicles ended with the finding of the sword and Alex's exile from Dreamland.

Writing down the stories of Alex's dreams inspired Dan to become a writer, possibly as a reporter. As a result, 8 years later, he brought some of them with him when he moved into the University dorm room. A care package including the Sword of Kings is sent to the boys by their mother shortly after they start classes. The combination allows Alex to remember in full detail his past adventures and friends. Now, with Alex back in Dreamland, the story continues with Dan still chronicling the fantastic tales his brother has to share night after night.

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