Tablet Pendant

The Tablet Pendant was an artifact crafted by the Elves, to help the individual who possessed it find The Seven Tablets of Pendragon. It had an enchantment that made it glow when it was close to a tablet and guide the holder towards the nearest tablet. It was passed down by the elven royal family for centuries, finally finding its way to King Oberon and Queen Titania, Nastajia's parents. That is until eight years ago, when it fell into the hands of Nicodemus, after unknown events involving the king and queen's search for the tablets. Recently, the amulet was found by Felicity the cat-girl thief, who stole it from Nicodemus's treasure room, because it was the most shiny object there. After some confusion it was discovered by the rest of the party, and used to begin the search for the tablets. However, before they could complete their search, the amulet was taken back by Nicodemus during a battle in Hilmdel when he learned of its power. With it in his possession he began to destroy the tablets and the truth that they contained. Nastajia destroyed the amulet while Nicodemus was displaying it at Tehalihwa'khwa, so now neither side can use it in their search for the tablets.

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