The Seven Tablets Of Pendragon

The elders of seven of the races in Dreamland created tablets long ago which would preserve the true history of Dreamland leading up to The Great Battle. They did this because of their fear that Nicodemus would like to change how that history was remembered by the people of Dreamland. The elders at the time wrote their tablets in the ancient tongues of their people so now there are few who are able to decipher the writings of some of the tablets. In addition there are few alive who remember where they are kept, or even that they exist.

Some of the tablets have been discovered by Alex and his friends in an attempt to learn the truth, although others are still a mystery. On the other side, Nicodemus is also searching for the tablets in an effort to destroy them before their contents can become widely recognized.

The Elves: The Tablet of the Elves was kept in the Royal Library.
The Mer-People: The Tablet of the Mer-people was hidden in the Kraken's Cave.
The Dwarves: The Tablet of the Dwarves was sealed within a secret wall in the city of Hilmdel.
The Centaurs: The Tablet of the Centaurs was placed upon the top of Tehalihwa'khwa.
The Fairies: The location of the Tablet of the Fairies is still unknown.
The Rock Giants: The location of the Tablet of the Rock Giants is still unknown.
The Guardians: The location of the Tablet of the Guardians is still unknown.

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