The Sword Of Kings

Little is known about the Sword of Kings and the history that it has been involved with, including the names it has gone by in the past. Found in the Tomb of the Ancient Kings by Alex when he was twelve, it had been stored in an alter awaiting a king to wield it. The tomb had been hidden, buried in the side of a cliff by Nicodemus so that no one would be able to find or claim the sword for more than 600 years. The sword is an enemy of Nicodemus, the dragon ruler of Dreamland because it knows that a human should be king. Arthur Pendragon served as a king of Dreamland, and this sword may have been part of the basis for the legend of Excalibur.

An eyeball in the hilt of the sword allows it to observe the world around it and interact with the people of Dreamland. It is sentient and intelligent, with a broad knowledge of history and the wisdom gained from that knowledge. It is able to speak, and thus pass on the wisdom it has collected to those it feels are worthy. It also able to control itself to some degree even when held by a person. As a weapon, this sword is very effective, and is able to cut through almost any material. It is also one of the few items that is able to physically transfer between Earth and Dreamland. In Dreamland it is large enough to be used as a weapon, however, on earth it is only a small charm and a silver necklace that the wielder may wear. This necklace will allow the wearer to travel to Dreamland even if they are an adult who would be unable to after out growing it.

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