Built around and upon a great tree that raises above the surrounding forest, Ashendel is a place of intricate beauty and peace. Some branches form tiers that support buildings at multiple levels all the way up to the top which is capped by the majestic elven castle. Elves who have spend centuries perfecting their art decorate the city with beautiful sculptures and woodwork. Ashendel is typically a happy and lively place thanks to the marketplace set at the base of the city. However as you climb the tree it gets more serious and exclusive until the top where the elven castle is located. Also at the top of the tree is a sacred steam that flows from within the tree and pours down onto some of the levels until it reaches the ground. To traverse the multiple levels there are elevators that while beautifully ornate, can't lift great weights, leading the the continued use of stairs for certain tasks.


The city of the elves is home to many of the elves that live in Dreamland including Arvamas. However there are many visitors to the city on a daily basis including Nicodemus at times.


Built centuries ago, the city of Ashendel continues to grow with the tree that is it's home. The city has been ruled over by a king and queen with help from the elders for most of it's history. Recently Oberon Ashenheart and Titania Ashenheart went missing leaving their daughter Nastajia to rule the city with the assistance of Arvamas. While Nastajia returns a few times she has been spending most of her time recently traveling with Alex, leaving Arvamas to handle the day to day operations of the city.

Most recently Ashendel was attacked by Nicodemus while he was searching for the Tablet of the Elves. It is unknown how much damage was suffered in the attack but the city was known to be burning after he left.


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