Astoria is a large busy city that is filled with buildings packed around cobblestone streets. While space is at a premium, there are a few squares with larger open areas and the river that flows through town provides some more room to breathe. Most areas are clean and lawful but in such a large population there are also likely some poorer sections.

Sitting at the top of a cliff provides a good defensive position for Astoria, and the exposed sides are bordered by an ornate, but effective stone wall that has wooden gates to allow access to the city. Inside the buildings are also mostly made of stone, with the exception of the windmills standing around the edge of town to take advantage of the height and relatively clear surrounding areas. Hanging from the edge of the cliff over the waterfall, that pours down into the ocean, is a great stone pier. This pier is not for boats but for airships which help to deliver the supplies to the city that it can't produce itself.


A bustling city filled by all the races of Dreamland, Astoria has plenty of inhabitants. The most well known is of course Nicodemus who rules from inside the castle. Before joining up with Alex, Felicity spent most of her life here as well.


Built long ago for the human kings, Astoria has grown into the largest and most developed city in Dreamland. As time went on the city advanced with the changes to technology and architecture on Earth until the end of Arthur's rule. Since then it has remained fairly stagnant under the rule of Nicodemus.


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