Buttonville Heights


The teddy bear village, known as Buttonville Heights, is filled with thatched roof houses, pony drawn carts, and farming equipment. It’s a very quaint and simple town. Buttonville Heights sits on plains above the cliffs that run along the coast of the ocean. It is a farm village with farmlands stretching out into the plains around it.


Buttonville Heights is a village populated entirely by teddy bears. However, they do have a number of visitors including Alex and Nastajia.


Buttonville Heights was attacked by The Cyclops about eight years ago and he did considerable damage the the buildings and people of the town. Luckily Alex was able to defeat the Cyclops and save the town. Years later Alex and Kiwi return to find Paddington teaching the inhabitants dance lessons.


Chapter One

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Chapter Two

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Chapter Three

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Nearby you can find the Cyclops Islands and the Boulder Garden.


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