Cyclops Islands

Cyclops Islands


A joy filled tropical place, the Cyclops Islands are where teddy bears from Buttonville Heights come to get away from it all. This popular vacation spot is beautiful with a nice warm breeze blowing off the surrounding ocean. Covered in a lush field of well maintained grass, the islands also sport some smaller plants and a few palm trees.


Although no one lives here full time teddy bears can be found here most of the time especially when it is nice out and there isn't to much work to be done on the farms.


The Cyclops Islands formed on the remains of The Cyclops where he fell in the ocean near Buttonville Heights after his defeat at the hands of Alex and his friends. Grass and trees began to grow on the exposed parts of his body, his butt cheeks.


Chapter Two

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The southern island with two trees is named after Nastajia Ashenheart. The northern island with a single tree is named after Alexander Carter.2


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