Dreamland is a magical realm that is visited by children from all over Earth in their dreams. It is a fantastic place filled with many things that can't be seen on Earth. Made up of a number of smaller independent kingdoms, Dreamland rules over major decisions and provides a neutral party to settle disputes.


It is populated by many fantasy races that are recurring in Earth's media.


Dreamland was ruled over by a number of human kings until the end of Arthur's rule. At this time Nicodemus took over and has ruled since.


See Dreamland


When humans visit Dreamland their consciousness is transferred from Earth leaving their body with no brain activity. While very few things physically travel between the two, the human mind affects what they are wearing in Dreamland and how injuries affect them in both worlds.

It has been established that time moves differently between the two places, however, this difference is fluid and somewhat unpredictable.

Dreamland has a moon very similar to that of Earth.1


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