Elven Castle


Located at the top of Ashendel and surrounded by grounds including the Sacred Stream is the elven castle. The outside is well constructed stone built more for appearance than fortification, with beautiful metal details to accent it. There are windows all around the outside of it, some made from stained glass. There are a number of towers raising above the main structure with tiled roofs. Inside, there are the living quarters or the castles residents along with the halls and meeting rooms used to entertain guests and allies that come to discuss the business of Ashendel. One section of the private areas in the castle is the Royal Library where the generations of kings and queens keep both historical and fictional texts of all kinds.


This is the home of Oberon Ashenheart, Titania Ashenheart, and Nastajia. In addition Arvamas and a number of other elves work here caring for the castle, the grounds, and the royal family.


For centuries the elven castle has been home to the current royal family along with any servants or advisors who they wish to offer rooms to. Most recently this is Nastajia although Arvamas is more frequently in the castle administering the daily business of the kingdom.


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