Constructed from mushroom with various wooden additions, Gardenia is a village at one with nature. Sunflowers dot the town in some places towering over the miniature buildings. Built in a nearly perfect circle Gardenia is bordered by a small wall, to divide it from the surrounding grass lands more than as a defensive emplacement.


Gardenia is inhabited entirely by fairies including, most notably, Pistacio. Kiwi was also living here until Alex returned and she left with him. Joey and his friends also spend a good deal of time here.


Upon his return to Dreamland Alex accidentally stumbles into town and knocks down part of the wall. The villagers quickly rush to stop what they see as an attack although Kiwi is there to stop them before they attack.

Later pirates attack the village one night while Joey and his friends are visiting. Alex arrives to help the fairies defend their village and they are able to stop and capture the pirates.

A second attack on Gardenia comes from Nicodemus himself as he attempts to destroy the remaining Tablets of Pendragon. Fairies are sent to warn the other cities but they are unable to stop Nicodemus and much of the town is damaged by fire.


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