Hilmdel is an underground city built into a towering mountain. It is a combination of large ornately carved public areas and rougher tunnels cut from the stone. While it is dark in the lesser used areas, when being used areas can be very well illuminated. There are multiple ways in and out of the tunnels, but some are secrets know only to the dwarves.


Hilmdel is populated entirely by dwarves led by Bognok. While Nastajia was a child she and her father, Oberon Ashenheart, visited Hilmdel to discuss the treaties being made by Nicodemus.1 Years later she and her friends crash into the outlying caverns and are pursued into the city by Nicodemus.


The pirate airship crashed into the top of the mountain trapping Nastajia and the others inside Hilmdel and forcing Nicodemus to attack the city in his search for them.2 Nastajia is accused of bringing the Nightmare Beasts to attack the city and they are taken prisoner and escorted to the Dwarven Throne Room. After they are attacked by the Nightmare Beasts, Bognok agrees to listen to Nastajia. She explains the Tablet Amulet and offers it to Bognok so that he may find the tablet left by his ancestors. Although he has to find it hidden behind a wall he eventually does and after reading it realizes that Nicodemus is not the rightful king. This leads to Hilmdel going to war3 to remove the usurper and place a rightful king back on the throne in Astoria. Uraden takes Alex and his friends to the far side of Hilmdel and reveals a secret door that will get them close to Aethos so that they can escape.4


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