A colorful collection of shops and stalls fill the marketplace but there is still plenty of room to move around the green field that it is located on. There are a few cobblestone paths to allow the larger traffic to move through along with a decorative fountains located in the middle providing added beauty and some white noise to wash out the sound of the frequently present crowds.


Although there are plenty of elves present there are also members of many other races that visit the marketplace to buy and sell any number of products. Two people that are met here by Alex are Erika and Spotty.1


The marketplace in Ashendel is the most widely known marketplace in all of Dreamland. Traders from all over come to visit in hopes of finding those who have need of their goods. If it can be found in Dreamland Ashendel is the first place to look. Although there are some guards, both humans and the inhabitants of Dreamland are welcome to come and explore the shops in search of truly unique items.


Chapter Four

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