An underwater city formed from coral and the sands of the ocean, Naroobi is a quite and peaceful city. As the only source of light along the sea floor, Naroobi glows like a beacon to all who approach. The people are open and friendly to their few visitors.


Naroobi is populated entirely by mer-people including Mer-king, and Horatio. In addition to the inhabitants, Naroobi receives a few visitors from time to time, mostly elves. Oberon Ashenheart and his wife Titania visited on their way to the Kraken's Cave, and later Nastajia visited with her companions.


Built over many years, Naroobi has developed into a towering and ornate city. The nearby Kraken's Cave has caused some trouble in the past but the mer-people have been unable to stop it. Nastajia's parents visited shortly before their disappearance and later she visited to try and track them down.


Chapter Six

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