Royal Library


Located beneath the elven castle the Royal Library is a repository of knowledge and artifacts from ages past that has been collected by the elven royal family. Full of many historical texts from generations past, one of the oldest texts located here is the Tablet of the Elves. In addition there are plenty of fictional works of art stored here so that they can be preserved for future generations.

From it's marble floor to the vaulted ceiling, the library is a place of neutral colors that help to display the more colorful bindings on the books that line almost every wall. The second floor can be accessed by a pair of staircases covered in beautiful tiles.


Arvamas spends a good deal of his time here learning the endless lessons of the past in the hopes of applying them to his work of administering the city. Although he is usually alone here, upon seeing The Sword of Kings, Arvamas brought Alex and his friends here to explain some things to them.


For centuries the royal family has been using the library to store texts of all kinds. However, it also holds a number of artifacts of historic significance. Most importantly, The Armor of Kings which was stored behind a bookshelf until someone came to claim it.


Chapter Four

  • Page 1861


Contains a number of secret compartments.


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