Tomb Of The Ancient Kings


The entrance to this tomb is guarded by two large stone statues of human kings. On the inside rough stonework develops into an ornate hall with more statues lining walls holding braziers of flame to light the way. It is likely that each of these statues represent one of the ancient human kings remembered by this tomb, likely including Arthur and others that can be seen here. The hall is straight and uniform until it reaches an end and the alter that at one time held The Sword of Kings. Carved on this alter is a history of the human kings and an explanation of the sword. Behind the alter to the right is a stone passage and stairs that spiral back up to fields at the top of the cliffs.


Although no one lives here it is visited by Alex and Nicodemus. Many years before that it was visited by Arthur and one of his centaur advisors.


Built while human kings still ruled Dreamland this tomb is a memorial to the rulers who have moved on. Also the alter has been inscribed with knowledge about the sword and the kings who used to wield it.

While working to develop a means of allowing humans to visit Dreamland Arthur came here to relinquish the sword where it would not be disturbed.

After Arthur's rule came to an end the sword was entombed here on the alter until the next king would need it. Nicodemus buried the entrances to this tomb to hide the sword and the history of human kings who ruled Dreamland before him.

However, when Alex defeated the Cyclops, the cliff face fell away revealing the main entrance and prompting him to explore it. Nicodemus was altered to the cliff collapse and rushed to discover the cause. He entered from the back and sealed the cave just after Alex had crossed the threshold.1 Alex proceeded while his friends were stuck outside and drew the sword from the stone. Almost instantly Nicodemus loomed out of the dark corner to confront Alex. The sword attacked Nicodemus but before he was able to respond, Alex woke up taking the sword with him. Nicodemus sealed the entrances to hide the tomb again before the elves including Oberon Ashenheart and Titania Ashenheart were able to investigate.2

Eight years later Alex returned and found his way up the stairs and out of the back entrance.


Chapter One

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Chapter Fifteen

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The Tomb of the Ancient Kings is located close to Buttonville Heights in the face of the cliff facing the ocean.


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