Tablet Of The Elves

The Tablet of the Elves1 is kept in a secret compartment in the Royal Library of the elven castle in Ashendel. It is written in an ancient form of the elven language which can be read by only a few of the elders. Arvamas is one of the elves who can read it, and he does so for Nastajia and her friends. He does this because he is preparing them to set of in search of the other Tablets of Pendragon and Nastajia's parents.

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Since the dawn of time Dreamland has always been ruled by a human king. The human kings were given a sword to rule with. A sword with incredible power and wisdom. With this sword they were able to rule and teach and serve the people. The sword has the ability to imbue wisdom to it's wielder. Additionally it can cut through any known substance as well. This sword is said to be kept in the Tomb of the Ancient Kings. Awaiting the return of humans to rule Dreamland again. There are six additional tablets hidden throughout Dreamland. Each detailing more of Dreamland's history.


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