Tablet Of The Mer People

The Tablet of the Mer-people1 is located in the Kraken's Cave close to Naroobi. It is written large on one of the interior walls which keeps it both hidden and protected thanks to the Kraken. The tablet is written in the ancient language of the mer-people which only a handful are still able to read2, including Horatio.

Exact Text



It tells of noble men and women from another place who where sent to rule Dreamland. There also appears to be a list of names of some rulers of note. The first one is David, Solomon, and Arthur3. There was a great war. The king was betrayed. The elders from seven races came together in council and took it upon themselves to try and salvage the known history of Dreamland before it was distorted forever. They made these writings, each race, and hid them. It doesn't mention where they are hidden but does list the seven races. The elves, the mer-people, the dwarves, the centaurs, the fairies, the rock giants, and the guardians4.

The other place mentioned is most likely Earth


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